After the presidential election and the election that decided which Never Need to See movie James and Kevin had to watch, we can agree that democracy is a bit flawed, right?

Now, now, we appreciate all of your votes, and have honored them by watching and presenting a Trailer in the Rearview for 50 Shades Darker!

But the boys were thankfully not alone! Our Bad Movie Correspondent and James’ roommate Jenny Hoks also joins us on this episode! Will her Trailer Park Application get approved? Will she have any insight in what the hell is going on in this movie cause she read the first book in this franchise? Was it a bad sign that she put down the second book because, quote, “It was really boring”? All these questions and more answered in this episode!*

*And to answer the question of why there are two episode 22’s… technical issues with the first one. This is the real one! Thanks for your patience! 🙂